Biden and Democrats craft equity-focused infrastructure plan

Campaign action

Equity underlies all parts of the infrastructure plan currently underway, transport at economic and educational Opportunities. The approach addresses climate change and its overly disproportionate impact on communities of color. So for Biden and the Democrats in Congress, “infrastructure” isn’t just roads and rails.

“You have to look at what he said about the campaign and where he positioned it”, John D. Podesta, former senior adviser to Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Told The New York Times. “He said that to better rebuild the economy, we need to tackle the interrelated nature of the Covid crisis, the climate crisis and the racial justice crisis. I think that’s what they have. intend to do with this package. ” This includes good, well-paying jobs and vocational training for reconstruction projects of roads and bridges, public transport and rail systems, ports, power grids and water networks. It would create a universal broadband system to get the whole nation online at high speed and create the workforce to not only build it all, but also to keep it going. It would create a million new affordable green homes for low-income Americans and fund local transportation projects to connect people who don’t have a car to where they need to go.

The plan developed by the Biden campaign, the foundation of what it is expected to release in the coming weeks, would direct funds to communities of color and the most polluted places. He would spend $ 100 billion to build or renovate schools, daycares and community colleges, with Biden’s priority being “to modernize schools in the most economically underserved communities in our country – too often in black and brown communities. “. It is these communities that will receive a substantial share of the funding to rebuild the country’s power systems, putting clean energy in communities that have more than their share of air pollution. Biden has pledged to clean up and redevelop “old abandoned and underused power plants and industrial facilities,” landfills, abandoned mines and other inactive community assets that will be turned into new economic hubs for communities across the country. America “.

Combine it all with the second piece of the bill, the social infrastructure to provide support, especially to families, and it is possible that this program will be truly transformative. National paid holidays, universal preschool, extended family allowances, child care services, free community college tuition are all things Biden intends to include to help the group going through the most economic times. difficult to emerge from the pandemic – Black and brown women.

So sure, Republicans hate it and are already lining up to oppose it, but lawmakers decide to have it go through the Senate. This will have to be either by reconciliation or by neutralizing the systematic obstruction, if it has not already been done for a new surge in civil and voting rights.

Here’s the thing though, it’s all going to be hugely popular just like the US bailout was. Democrats must engage in this fight with the level of urgency and confidence they have taken in the COVID-19 relief. Climate, income inequality, long-standing racial inequality – all of this includes the long-term, slow-burning epidemic that threatens the nation, albeit at a slower pace than COVID19. A plan to get us out of this, which envisions a future where people don’t have to fight and fight to exist, to get an education, to train and get a family wage job, a plan like that is going to be popular. Let the Republicans decide to fight this, to be on the wrong side of history again. Democrats need to step into this realm knowing they can do it without Republicans and move on.

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