Twitter reels in Will Wade, LSU’s second-round loss to Michigan at NCAA tournament

The eight-seeded LSU lost a tough game to first-seed Michigan on Monday and, boy, Twitter loved it.

Not so much the losing Tigers – they put on a good game against the Wolverines before being beaten in the streak of an 86-78 loss – but the losing Will Wade. The fourth-year Tigers coach has been the subject of considerable ridicule and vitriol on social media site Mercurial, and it all has to do with the 2017 FBI investigation into college basketball corruption.

For reference, Wade in June 2017 was caught on a wiretap discuss paying a recruit for their services. The player mentioned appears to have been Javonte Smart – currently a junior on LSU’s roster – whom Wade mentioned by last name. Wade was caught saying he made a “strong offer” to Smart.

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Wade was suspended on March 8, 2019 and reinstated on April 14 of the same year. LSU determined he had not violated the terms of his contract and he was selected to coach the Tigers. Not a good look for LSU or Wade.

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Hence the digital schadenfreude. Here’s a good sample of Twitter’s joy over LSU and Wade’s loss to Michigan:

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