Governor Greg Abbott worries about children at the border after years of ignoring children at the border

Besides adopting a white supremacist trope falsely accusing asylum seekers of COVID-19 proliferation, Mother Jones reports that Abbott responds to unaccompanied children arriving in the United States in search of safety and protection by deploying 1,000 border officers, including the Texas Rangers. “Abbott said these interviews would identify victims of human trafficking, but Melissa Lopez, an attorney with Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services in El Paso, questioned the timing of the so-called Operation Lonestar. The report says.

“I think it’s very hypocritical of Governor Abbott to be suddenly concerned about the humanitarian situation on the border,” Lopez said according to the report, highlighting his lack of concern before noon on January 20, 2021. He There is always concern for their safety and their dignity. And all of a sudden there’s a “border crisis”, and we have to be worried, and we’re going to start investigating human trafficking, as if human trafficking is something new.

KSAT reports that in recent remarks Abbott has falsely asserted that “President Biden’s reckless border opening policies have created a humanitarian crisis” which he says “enriches the cartels, smugglers and human traffickers who often prey on and abuse unaccompanied minors” .

A few fact-checks: the reality is that the Stephen Miller-pushed Title 42 policy, whose supporters have strongly urged the Biden administration to end, still blocks adult asylum seekers. Human rights activists have also condemned Remaining in Mexico as a policy “add to cartel profits“, With a kidnapped asylum seeker forced to go to Mexico saying:”one of his captors told him that the cartel had hired, “Human Rights Watch mentionned Last year. “Since the United States is deporting so many people here, we are capturing them and that means more work,” Human Rights Watch told its captor. “We are saturated.” Biden has since started to end this policy. But Abbott wasn’t that worried during his tenure, was he?

Mother Jones also reports the disturbing and anti-Mexican story of the Texas Rangers. Tim murphy wrote last year that “[t]The Texas Rangers were vicious executioners of white power “who at the turn of the 20th century”prompted a reign of terror in which between 300 and several thousand Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans were killed. Murphy wrote “[t]he Rangers have been portrayed in popular culture as icons of law and order. ”

At a recent press conference, El Paso representative Veronica Escobar and local leaders echoed Lopez and insisted on the urgent need to move away from aggressive militarization has become too common in border regions. “The emphasis is on more resources to treat people humanely, rather than using the resources to militarize the border,” Fernando García, executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights mentionned according to El Paso Times. “Migrants who run for their lives and flee situations that are untenable to them don’t run because it’s an easy trip or because it’s their first choice – it’s their last choice,” Escobar said.

In an interview in Spanish with Jorge Ramos of Univision, representative Escobar said that about half of unaccompanied children coming to the United States already have parents here and they can be released by the Office of the United States. refugee resettlement health and social services. The Biden administration also recently announced new directions this should speed up the safe release of unaccompanied children who already have parents or relatives here.


Representative Escobar also recently invited House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to meet with local advocates, but he ignored the invitation. because his only goal in going to the border was to perform a stunt. “It is time for Texas leaders to embrace and truly identify ways to help and support arriving children, to support families seeking asylum, and to make life easier for the immigrants who have come here and who are helping. country, ”Texas Alliance’s Reform Immigration for Adriana Cadena said according to Mother Jones.

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