Facebook’s F8 event will return, but online only and without Zuckerberg

Facebook canceled F8 2020 outright in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that brings the developer conference back for 2021 – if not quite as you remember it. TechCrunch reports that facebook is while carrying F8 update on June 2 as a virtual event only. As you can guess on a day’s horizon, the social network is focused on “coming back to [F8’s] roots “as a conference to help developers thrive.

The company has yet to set its timeline, but it is promising to showcase the latest development tools and offer a mix of in-depth dives, demos, and panels. You can Register now for an alert when registrations are open. Notably, however, Mark Zuckerberg will not have an opening speech. Instead, VP Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Platform Partner, will get things going.

It’s no surprise that F8 Refresh exists. While Facebook has certainly supported developers in 2020, it hasn’t had a big rally. since 2019 – it’s hard to imagine the company going another year without an event to rally the developer community, even if a face-to-face rally was unrealistic. Refresh might not offer the often-important face-to-face networking at these conferences, but it does tell the creators that Facebook is engaged and offers hope for a real event in 2022.

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