Dodgers fans won’t let Red Sox forget Mookie Betts trade and post epic billboard troll outside Fenway Park

It’s definitely billboard-hit troll-hit work.

The sweet music of a Dodgers World Series victory always resonates in the ears of their fans, and they arguably have no player to thank more than Mookie Betts. Betts was infamous in the West last year in Los Angeles as part of a successful deal that Boston still mourns in its chowder.

So leave it to the Dodgers fans to keep pouring salt on the injuries of Red Sox fans – this time, through a billboard.

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The billboard, displayed by a Dodgers fan in junction with Pantone fan group 294, is near Fenway Park and will easily overtake the Citgo billboard as the most famous billboard in the Boston area.

Betts enjoyed another MVP-caliber season in the shortened 2020 campaign, amassing an fWAR 3.0 in just 55 games last year. He finished second in the MVP vote behind the Braves’ Freddie Freeman.

The Betts deal has been widely (and rightly) criticized by fans and analysts; the Red Sox in return got outfielder Alex Verdugo and prospects Jeter Downs and Connor Wong. Pitcher David Price was also sent from the Red Sox to Los Angeles, but Price opted out of the 2020 season.

Betts signed a massive 12-year, $ 365 million contract extension with the Dodgers last year, so Los Angeles fans will have plenty of opportunities to remind Sawx fans of the trade in the years to come.

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