WWE publishes 2021: Andrade, Lars Sullivan top Superstar Cup list

It is the season of the future undertaken.

While WWE has a reputation for signing some of the best wrestling talent in the world, it has also gained notoriety for abusing and ultimately unleashing said talent. The coronavirus pandemic has swelled the company’s mailing list in 2020, but expect more of the same this year as several high profile wrestlers have already been released from WWE contracts.

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With WrestleMania 37 just a few weeks away, the company is approaching its annual “spring cleaning”, during which it is releasing stars in droves. A few releases have already been made so far in 2021, with a surprising name at the top of the list.

Sporting News will follow below for the latest releases reported throughout 2021.

WWE is coming out in 2021


Release: March 21st

Andrade (formerly known as Andrade “Cien” Almas in WWE) reportedly requested his release in March and was granted it on March 21. United States Championship once.

Known as “La Sombra” in NJPW and CMLL prior to his arrival at NXT, Andrade will likely find success in another wrestling company, and soon.

Lars sullivan

Signaled output: February 2021

Sullivan was booked as a potential heel around the world before an injury ruled him out in 2019, and several controversies followed: Sullivan’s mysoginist and racist comments on an internet forum surfaced, as well as his appearance in a movie. for adults years before his wrestling career. has begun.

Speak with Fightful Earlier in the year, Sullivan revealed he struggles with anxiety issues and society handled his release with grace.

He was quietly released in February, without even receiving the “Future Endeavor” treatment on WWE.com.

Steve cutler

Posted: February 4

Cutler, a third of the Forgotten Sons, was released after the team disbanded following controversial Jaxson Ryker tweets regarding former President Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some reports indicate that Vince McMahon was “livid” with Cutler (real name Steve Maclin) showing up at a New Years party, as the company continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

His two stable companions, Ryker and Wesley Blake, remain employed.

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