Washington Post’s flawed immigration coverage dubbed ‘pure hot trash, from start to finish’

“Designed to present the White House on the brink of a defining and possibly fatal failure, the To post the article was steeped in politics rather than politics – “Republicans revel in administration’s border issues,” Boehlert writes. The “border problems” are in fact human beings – children –and thousands of them are currently being held in the United States after coming to our southern border in search of safety. They have been doing this for several years, which The post office fails to notice in his panting blanket.

“The article fails to mention a 700% increase in the number of unaccompanied minors last year by Trump and a 360% increase in the number of adult asylum seekers,” Julián Castro, Senior Advisor Sawyer Hackett wrote in a series of tweets spreading the article. “He fails to seriously consider the fact that the Trump administration has refused to cooperate with the transition – which is the most important factor here in the works. Remember that even the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), historically a paper press agency, would have been ordered by the previous administration not to contact the then-president-elect Biden team. “I respect all reporters on this signature,” Hackett said. “But it’s pure hot waste from start to finish.

“The article pointed out that the immigration issue could be a loser for Democrats – it could cost them the House in 2022!” Boehlert continued. But as an immigrant advocacy group, America’s Voice recently noted in a report, The agitation of xenophobic and anti-immigrant shit has been a “losing political strategy” for Republicans, “as it was in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Keep in mind that they have once again put immigration at the center of their 2022 goal. ”

It’s almost like the former White House aide and white supremacist creep Stephen Miller really isn’t a brilliant strategist (again, who’s president right now, and probably golfing at a beach resort). run by the same undocumented immigrants he spent years demonizing for political gain?), and the American people prefer to make real political solutions and the humane treatment of children and families.

Immigration policy expert Aaron Reichlin-Melnick Noted The post officethe tired narrative is reflected in a piece of The New York Times Monday, which proclaimed “The Democrats’ Immigration Problem.” Reichlin-Melnick wrote: “[n]o a headline was written on ‘Republicans’ Immigration Problem’ in 2019, when twice as many families arrived at the border; or in the past two decades has the reform bill been defeated? How is the reintroduction of humanity into the system a problem? This is not the case, and allowing people to claim their asylum rights is both legal and moral. But it’s a problem for Republicans, as US Senator from Texas John Cornyn almost put it in his Twitter feed:

Cornyn and his colleague Ted Cruz, let me remind you, were silent when the border patrol tracked down and detained a 10 year old girl on his way to emergency surgery in 2017. Cruz is now suddenly worried about the border lagging behind (including a link to The post officepiece of) after spending years ignoring decimation of the asylum system and inhumane treatment of families. Cornyn and Cruz did nothing while the previous administration implemented humanitarian disasters like anti-asylum policy Stay in Mexico, that the Biden administration began to calm down.

“[R]epublicans – jostle in a post-Trump, post-insurgency, post-stimulus, post-Dr. Seuss World – pivoted to make rising unaccompanied minors at the border their corner issue 2022, we are all about to be trained for the ride, ”Ian Gordon wrote for Mother Jones. But Republicans can’t really do it alone, and they’ve found an accomplice in The post office and other lazy experts. ABC certainly didn’t steal their entire border “roundtable” when the previous administration used Miller’s politically motivated Title 42 of the public health order as an excuse deport children more than 13,000 times.

Mother Jones notes that in addition to the recent stunt of Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy on the southern border, said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) Fox News Sunday that “the border is wide open” under Biden, despite the fact that the Title 42 border closure remains in place for everyone except unaccompanied migrant children, ”Gordon continued. “Cotton, it should be noted, asks Biden to close the border to these children. It was and would be a different kind of crisis – but perhaps not the one that resulted in wall-to-wall coverage on Sunday morning news broadcasts.

Boehlert concludes by writing that “[i]n in terms of apprehensions at border crossings, 2021 is currently in the process of being the 2019 [numbers] under Trump. Where then was the panicked media coverage of the border “crisis” and how the Republican administration had no political response? In truth, Trump boasted the huge influx of 2019 because he thought it was good policy to want to build a mythical wall across America’s southern border, which Democrats opposed.

“So when a Republican was in the White House, he claimed that the huge border push was bad news for Democrats, and the press largely played it alone,” Boehlert continued. “Two years later, the press is playing with Republicans again, saying a huge border push is bad news for Democrats.”

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