Roku to stream all ‘This Old House’ episodes for free

Roku quest for unique programming might have made it a top destination for home improvement enthusiasts. Deadline reports that Roku has purchased the rights of This old house, including its 1,500 episodes and even the TV studio. While he was already airing past episodes of TOH and Ask this old house for free via the Roku Channel, it’s now ready to show the current seasons of both shows after they air on PBS.

The company is “getting it all ready”, it may be some time before you see the full fruits of the deal. The TOH the management team is also making the jump. It is not known how much Roku paid, but a Deadline A source said that was not enough to cross the $ 100 million mark that requires regulatory filing.

It’s easy to see why Roku made this decision – he paid a relatively modest amount for a huge library of well-known shows that might grab viewers. You might be more likely to buy a streaming device or Of the TV year (or at least download the Roku Channel app) if you know you can marathon some home improvement episodes. Don’t be surprised if Roku continues to do similar business, especially since free rivals like Tubi enter their own content.

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