President Biden to appoint antitrust researcher Lina Khan to FTC

President Joe Biden announced today he intends to appoint Lina Khan, professor at Columbia Law School, as commissioner to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Khan is considered one of the leading specialists in the antitrust movement.

In 2017, she published a 24,000 word article in the Yale Law Journal titled “Amazon’s antitrust paradox“which has gone viral. In it, she argues that current US policy and law is not enough to hold companies like Amazon accountable. Most recently, Khan helped the House Judicial Antitrust Subcommittee lead to well its investigation into Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.The main conclusions that the Democrats on the panel concluded were that Congress should breaking down the biggest tech players.

Biden’s decision to appoint Khan follows his recent White House appointment of Tim Wu National Economic Council. Wu is best known for coining the term net neutrality. Like Khan, he is also a leading voice on the subject of antitrust law. Together, the appointments suggest that the Biden administration is considering aggressively regulating big tech companies.

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