Jim and Buddy Boeheim are they related? Syracuse coach-son duo at Orange on another March Madness race

No matter how you look at it, there might be no one more important to Syracuse for a 2021 domestic championship than Boeheim. Buddy or Jim: Take your pick.

The father-son duo help lead the Orange into the 2021 NCAA tournament, Jim as a Hall of Fame coach and Buddy as a star player. And, as Syracuse deepens the tournament, the more pronounced their relationship will become in the national landscape.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Jim Boeheim and his son:

Is Buddy Boeheim related to Jim?

Yes; Buddy Boeheim is the son of Jim and Juli Boeheim. He is one of four siblings, including older brother Jimmy, twin sister Jamie and older sister Elizabeth, whom Jim Boheim adopted while still in his first marriage to Elaine Boeheim.

Jimmy Boeheim would have been a senior at Cornell in 2020-2021, but chose to transfer after the Ivy League decided to cancel its men’s and women’s basketball seasons; Sister Jamie played at the University of Rochester but was listed as team leader for 2019-20.

Does Jim Boeheim’s son play for him?

Yes. Buddy Boeheim is in his third year under his father’s leadership in Syracuse. He’s averaged 12.8 points, two rebounds and 1.9 assists per game for his career. He also averages 41.3 percent shooting and 37.3 3-point shooting.

He currently leads Syracuse in minutes played per game (36.2), field goals per game (6.5), field goal attempts per game (14.9), percentage of 3 points (39.1) and points per match (17.7)

Buddy Boeheim’s real name and age

“Buddy” is simply the Syracuse player’s nickname; his real name is Jackson. According to Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY), Buddy received his nickname “through (his) mother’s love for nicknames”. Jimmy is called “JJ”, Jamie is called “Sissy” and Jackson is called “Buddy”.

Buddy was born alongside his sister Jamie on November 11, 1999, making him 21 years old. He will be 22 in November.

15 against 2 | 14 against 3 | 13 against 4 | 12 against 5

What year is Buddy Boeheim in college?

Buddy Boeheim is currently a junior. He has played – and started – in each of the last 55 Orange games over the past two seasons. He also played 32 games as a rookie, but won just five starts.

Below is a year-by-year breakdown of his per-game stats:

Year PCT shot. 3-point PCT. Rebounds Help Points
2018-19 0.381 .353 1.6 1.0 6.8
2019-20 0.407 0.370 1.9 2.2 15.3
2020-21 0.439 .391 2.5 2.7 17.7

How old is Jim Boeheim?

Jim Boeheim, born in November 1944, is currently 76 years old. He will be 77 in November. Jim Boeheim was 54 when his son Buddy was born; he turned 55 six days later.

He is the oldest coach in Division I men’s basketball history, beating contemporaries such as coach Duke Mike Krzyzewski (74), Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton (72), coach of Miami Jim Larrañaga (71) and Roy Williams (70).

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