Black-and-white version of ‘Justice League’ heads to HBO Max

Zack Snyder is not done with Justice League just now. Over the weekend, the director tweeted that HBOMax will soon release a black and white cut of the film titled Justice is gray. Snyder also shared a clip from this version of the film showing a dialogue between Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons, which you can watch below.

When Snyder recently joined MANvsGame Twitch Banner talk about Justice League (via GamesRadar +), he said he “briefly entertained” the idea of ​​releasing the original Snyder Cut in black and white. However, he ultimately decided that the move would be seen as “too militant” given the film’s already divisive 4: 3 aspect ratio. He went on to say that watch Justice League colorless is his favorite way of looking at it, making Justice is gray the final version of the film.

Another cut of what was already supposed to be the definitive version of a movie seems overkill, but the point is, it’s not a first for Snyder. Guardians fans will know there is both a director and an ultimate cut to Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore’s flagship comic.

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