News summary: filibuster reform underway, Congress is working on immigration, DeSantis wants a prize

Another week in the new world of government trying to work for people. Here are some of today’s stories that you might have missed when you didn’t have to worry about whether or not the current administration burned down a hospital.

Buckle up, filibuster reform is underway

The house passes the path of citizenship for DACA beneficiaries, temporary status holders and agricultural workers

Ron DeSantis wants an award and he deserves one – for leading the biggest COVID-19 data cover-up

Majority of Republicans say deadly attack on Capitol Hill gets ‘too much’ attention

These are the people who died in the Atlanta spa shootings and the lives they left behind

From the community:

Indian 201: Cheyenne migrations

Work in black. Sheriff lies about the newspaper hauler, over 40 officers launch a response.

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