GOP efforts to deny voters the right to vote ‘a threat to democracy itself’: politics

Here’s an interesting thinking experiment: What if we nationalized the elections? (I don’t believe we can do that at the moment, the power to organize elections is vested in the states in the constitution, so this is just a thought experiment for now.)

On the one hand, Biden and the National Democrats could eliminate gerrymandering, mandate tiered choice voting, solve the constituency problem, and do most, if not all, of the other things that would fix our elections.

On the other hand, if we nationalize the elections, it would potentially give men like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and, God help us Donald Trump, full control over our local and national electoral infrastructure, which currently operates independently. of the federal government and out of their hands. (Speaking as a Marylander, I don’t like this proposition.)

We suppose that the Democrats would pass all the right laws fixing all the problems and that the voters, happy with the changes made by the Democrats, reward them! Just like the voters did in 2010 and 2016!

Again, this is only hypothetical, we can not do it now, but …. do you trust Democrats more than you fear Republicans? For example, I’m dyed wool blue no matter who the voter, and I’m not ashamed to call myself a proud Democrat without irony, but the shitty Republicans keep getting crazier and crazier. Are you buying a gun to protect yourself from your very devious and also murderous roommate?

Damn, I hate living in 21st century American politics AP, 3.

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