Get a 13-course DIY PIC microcontroller training package for $ 50

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PIC microcontrollers are some of the most versatile tools a manufacturer can use. They have been used in hacking projects throughout the history of the Internet, leading , and much more. Learning to use this multi-faceted chip can improve your construction skills, and this set of 13 lessons can

Originally short for peripheral interface controller, and now a programmable intelligent computer, these chips are designed for on-board applications. You’ll find them in appliances, cars, and other places that need a small computer to do complex work. They are less complicated than the Raspberry Pi and even cheaper to use. They are also easy to combine with a wide range of sensors, input devices, displays and other components.

includes everything newbies and seasoned builders need to get started, including a comprehensive seven-hour step-by-step guide to getting started with those who are completely new. Those with training in Arduino and Raspberry Pi can start with a course that compares the three and how to use them in projects. More advanced engineers can start with classes that show how to run code on simulated PICs, to familiarize themselves with their use and get the project working properly the first time.

Also included are a host of built-in projects designed to show you different ways to use them. In addition to instructions on how to connect a classic 80s style LCD display, you will learn how to use ultrasound, motion detectors, matrix LEDs and more. The courses also explore how to code on microcontrollers using a graphical interface and USB and using tools such as LabView to get the most out of your project.

Anywhere you find a cool DIY project, you’ll find a PIC microcontroller. this course set is a perfect introduction.

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