Significant number of Republicans split from rest of Americans in deadly riot on Capitol Hill

In a separate question about whether the Capitol Riot and its aftermath was getting the right amount of attention, 54% of Republicans said the assault was getting “too” attention. But among the general population, only 28% of those polled said the seat received ‘too much’ attention, while 71% said it received either ‘too little’ (27%) or ‘too little’ attention (27%). about the right amount ”(44%). .

Monmouth’s investigation also revealed a considerable amount of empathy among Republicans for the rioters’ state of mind.

Overall, only one in four Americans say that regardless of the actions taken on January 6, the anger that led to the riot was either fully justified (8%) or partially justified (18%). But, adds Monmouth, “Those who say the anger that led to the attack was at least partially justified include 40% Republicans, 30% Independents and even 10% Democrats.”

A large contingent of Republicans also continue to believe that Donald Trump was the rightful winner of the election, with almost two-thirds (65%) unfounded claiming that Biden’s victory was the result of electoral fraud. Another 29% of Republicans say they will never accept Biden as president.

Among the general population, 62% of Americans say Biden won the fair and square ballot.

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