A new briefing for supporters – Discover our impact

Thank you very much for your support of MoveOn!

Contributors like you feed our large and dynamic network. You are a partner for change who helped fuel our work in 2020 to protect the right to vote, advance racial justice, protect our democracy and more. And our work doesn’t stop. Over the next four years, we will continue to organize millions of people to push our country and democracy towards a future of justice, equality, sustainability and love.

Read on to see how your contributions are helping to make progress every day.

Landmark legislation: We helped push Congress to pass strong COVID relief bill

America’s $ 1.9 trillion bailout brings immediate relief to Americans. In the video above, MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting talks about what Democrats should do to overcome Republican obstructionism and pass bolder legislation like this.

And it was not easy to push through the American bailout. Your support has helped mobilize masses of people to pressure Congress to pass a robust bill. An overview of our actions:



We ran a full page ad in the Arizona Daily Star urging Senator Kyrsten Sinema to stand up for all those who need support.



Members made thousands of calls to Senators and Representatives, and appeared in front of the senators’ offices to urge them to sustain solid relief, amplified by donations from billboard members helped fund.



Thousands have joined our Twitter Rally #OurSurvivalAtStake, sharing their stories about the trials of a pandemic. #OurSurvivalAtStake was the # 3 trend nationally on rally day.



Mohammad Khan

MoveOn Campaign Director

Mohammad has been a MoveOn member since 2003, has been with MoveOn since 2019, and has been instrumental in organizing our community of MoveOn members to fight for solid help against COVID.

Fight for the responsibility of the seditionists of the GOP

We are determined to hold treacherous Congressional officials accountable for their contribution to inciting the murderous January 6 insurgency. Supporters like you helped launch a caucus accountability campaign on betrayal (find out more here). Together, we have taken action such as these:


Ads on the home page on the sites of home district newspapers of Josh Hawley (R-MO), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to remind voters how their Senators have failed.



We helped remove extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene from her House committee assignments by stepping up public pressure with eye-catching notice boards and in-person events for members.


Emergency humanitarian aid to Texans

When millions of Texans suffered massive power outages and drinking water shortages, we took action:


Together, we have raised over $ 500,000 for the Workers Defense Fund and the Texas Organizing Project, who have worked tirelessly to provide water and food to hard-hit communities.



MoveOn volunteers have also used text messaging to check in on hundreds of thousands of Texans and share helpful resources.



As our fundraiser for helping Texans is over, we are pushing for accountability and change. Consult and sign petitions such as “Ted Cruz: Resign,“”Investigate ERCOT Now,“and”Greg Abbott: Reinstate the Texas Mask Mandate.



When millions of Texans suffered massive power outages and drinking water shortages, we took action:


We’re campaigning to make sure Biden’s Build Back Better package, the next COVID recovery bill, is robust, inclusive, and progressive that meets the needs of ordinary people.


We are fighting hard to get Senate Democrats to forgo the filibuster rule so that Congress can once again work and serve the people …


and pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. They are vitally important to our democracy, especially with more than 250 state-level attacks on voting access already underway.

And finally

All of this essential work to protect our democracy and fight for justice would not be possible without contributors like you. Thank you for being a partner for change. As Representative Pramila Jayapal’s tweet says below on the eve of President Biden’s signing of the US back-up plan, everything we have done over the past year – and continue to do so – opens the way to radical, bold and gradual change. And we couldn’t have done anything without your support!

We are now at a critical juncture – with Democrats leading the White House, Senate and House – to bring about ground-breaking changes our country badly needs. Help us maximize the huge progressive potential of this opportunity.

Will you be part of our continued work to make these bold changes happen?

Yes, I will participate!

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