Want to know what to do with canned chickpeas?

Up there with pasta and tomato paste, canned chickpeas are a pantry staple in my house. (Make a wild guess about what I stored during my early 40s.) They’re surprisingly versatile, affordable, and a really delicious component in any meal. Wondering what to do with canned chickpeas? Like any pantry staple, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, so we’ve compiled a list of tasty next-level recipes that make canned chickpeas the star of every dish.

While a experience conducted by Tasting Table revealed that dried chickpeas that had been soaked overnight were winning in flavor contests against canned goods, we’re big fans of this latest release here for their ease, flavor, and superior level. nutrition profile.

I speak galore protein, fiber, iron and folic acid in just one can of these nutty beans, making them an amazing meat substitute and a nutritious addition to almost any breakfast or lunch. having dinner.

And that texture makes them adaptable too – think hummus and Falafel! Consider incorporating chickpeas into your diet regularly with these 10 proven recipes.

Get a head start on your week with this easy dish. It only uses five ingredients and is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free – so it’s very accessible to those with dietary restrictions. As if that weren’t enough, it’s also incredibly tasty. All you need is a can of chickpeas, cauliflower, rice, and a green vegetable of your choice, so you probably already have everything on hand and ready to go.

Don’t be intimidated by having to fry the falafels, as this recipe calls for baking them in the oven instead. They’re surprisingly easy to put together and are as delicious, familiar, and heartwarming as those at your local falafel store. You will find yourself coming back to this recipe over and over again.

If you’re in the mood to try making your own hummus, take that as a sign to do it this week. It’s incredibly easy to prepare and so much more delicious than store-bought options. Adding pickled chickpeas enhances the whole hummus experience, you will think you are at a dinner party and not at your kitchen table. And we can all use a little bit of it these days.

This is not your average cereal bowl. Elevate your next lunch with this gorgeous salad – not only is it a total textural feast for the senses thanks to the perfect assortment of veggies, but the dressing delivers a truly flavorful punch. It has all the elements you would expect from a delicious, loaded salad. You can not be wrong.

The beauty of this chickpea recipe is its wild versatility. Once you have prepared these perfectly herbal and spicy chickpeas, you can then cook the rest of the meal however you like. Toss it with greens and top with a fried egg, pair it with a little lemon yogurt and chili oil, add rice and veg for a stir-fry – the options are endless.

Cozy up in a warm bowl of pumpkin channa masala the next time you need a little coziness. It’s a fragrant and sumptuous meal that hits the mark whatever the time of year. It’s always a good time to stock up on the pumpkin’s nutrient vitamins and mineral nutrients like vitamin A, carotenoids, fiber, and iron.

This detox bowl is perfect for when you’re feeling a little under the weather, have allergies, feel tired, or just need a bit of a body reset after a weekend of just consuming pizza and wine (speaking on my behalf). spicy chickpeas with chewy couscous, lemon cucumbers and aromatic herbs make the perfect bowl.

What is a stew that makes everyone feel good? It’s a beautifully melt-in-the-mouth dish and this evocative Persian version of chickpea stew really does the trick. I am particularly won over by the crisp, crisp green herbs. They give it a prickly kick and a burst of color.

The next time you’re figuring out what to do with canned chickpeas, try some good old-fashioned beans on toast! (Well, almost.) This rustic dish is a serious crowd-pleaser and couldn’t be easier to prepare. Even mushroom skeptics will want to try this rosemary infused stew. You can even top it with a fried egg to make it a little more filling.

This salad is a staple in my kitchen because it is bursting with flavor, easy to prepare, and the fastest way to get a massive amount of kale into my body. Creamy, hearty, winged, spicy – perfect.

This article was originally published on March 16, 2020 and has since been updated.

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