The best small office ideas, it turns out, are on Instagram

Raise your hand if your morning “commute” is to roll out of bed and take two steps to your “office” – the makeshift desk in the corner of your bedroom. Sigh. Working remotely can seem anything but exciting at times, but your workspace doesn’t have to be. Considering home is where we spend most of our time these days, it’s funny that a lot of us haven’t put in a lot of effort yet. the workstations we love. That being said, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a spare room in the house to settle in, nor the time and resources to build, buy, or create something drastic. Well, it turns out you don’t need a ton of money or space to make a great home office. When we took to Instagram to collect small office ideas, we couldn’t believe some of the smart spaces we discovered.

Running out of space? Using empty cupboards, empty walls, or even nooks under stairs, designers and DIYers create solutions for small offices both functional and chic.

It’s time to re-evaluate that neglected area of ​​your home that, with a little care and creativity, could become your ideal workspace. Just take it from these 14 small desks – you don’t need an empty room or even a ton of square footage to create a place you like to get things done. Scroll through small office ideas from some of our favorite Instagrammers who are minimalist, convenient, and cute.

Transform an empty closet.

Meet the “cloffice”, aka the cupboard-office. Tucked away from the rest of your home with just enough room for a desk and simple storage, an empty closet can actually be the perfect place to settle down.

Plan around a vacant wall in your room.

Your bedroom may not be the first choice for a designated workplace, but sometimes it is the only space available. Install a small desk on a vacant wall that can even double as a vanity or bedside table. There you have it: a discreet but functional workspace.

Install a window corner.

A dream window corner never disappoints. If you can, look to natural light in your home or apartment when considering setting up your workspace.

Maximize your space.

Evaluate your surroundings and think of a quiet area in your home that might have underutilized space. A walk-in closet can sometimes be the best home office because it is private and already designed for storage.

Opt for an integrated desk.

Recessed lights are both clean and functional and give the space a definite purpose.

Keep the decor simple.

When it comes to accessorizing your space, less is more. Small spaces can easily get cluttered, so be careful not to overcomplicate it!

Don’t be afraid to settle into the common areas.

If you have an open wall in your living room or kitchen, consider letting it serve as a “dual function” as a workspace. Just make sure you have noise-canceling headphones on hand so you can disconnect and enter the area.

Have a way to shut off the space when not in use.

If you plan to turn a closet into a workspace, consider using a door or curtain to shut it off from the room when you disconnect for the day.

Create a workspace under the stairs.

If you have an open staircase, experiment with the vacant space below for a unique and inspired work nook.

Decorate with small plants.

Bring the outdoors in and spruce up your space with small plants or succulents.

Choose a consistent color scheme.

Stick to soothing and expansive colors and textures. Think about whites and light neturals – since this is a small space, you want it to be as spacious as possible.

Find the right chair.

While your chair is one of the main design accents in a small space, make sure your setup is ergonomically designed as well – comfort is a MUST.

Think big.

Incorporate open shelving above your desk and storage below so that you have ample storage space for all supplies.

Add your personal touch.

Your workspace should reflect who you are. Don’t be afraid to add some personality with a fun wallpaper or a bold accessory or two. Plus, there are no rules in a small space!

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