Campaigners fuel concerns about COVID vaccine safety

Del Bigtree, Founder, Informed Consent Action Network; host, The HighWire talk show.

Richard Carpiano, PhD, professor of public policy and sociology, University of California, Riverside.

Kate Bitz, Program Manager and Organizer / Trainer Focusing on Exposure and Tackling Right-Wing Groups, Western States Center, Portland OR.

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, PhD, professor of law with expertise in vaccines, University of California Hastings College of Law.

NPR: “Little difference in vaccine reluctance between white and black Americans, poll shows.”

The center of the fight against digital hatred: “The AntiVaxx Playbook”.

White House fact sheet: “President Biden to announce all Americans will be eligible for vaccinations by May 1, puts nation on track to approach normal by July 4e. “

CDC: “COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States”.

Nature research: “The online competition between pro and anti-vaccination perspectives.”

The New England Journal of Medicine: “Antiviral drugs reused for Covid-19 – WHO provisional

Results of solidarity tests. “

International Journal of Infectious Diseases: “The importance of correct dosing of hydroxychloroquine in clinical trials of COVID-19.”

Los Angeles Times: “Anti-vaccine and alt-right groups team up to stoke fears of COVID-19 vaccine”, “DC Riot was just the beginning of what a fractured insurgency movement is plotting”, ” Far-right extremists want to target more capitol buildings, but are divided after the DC riot.

The Washington Post: “‘I regret being here’: Famous hydroxychloroquine advocate Simone Gold was inside the Capitol during the riot,” “With Trump gone, QAnon groups furiously focus on attack vaccines against the coronavirus, “” Fauci says Trump should push supporters to get “” Massive Facebook study into user doubt about vaccines reveals that a small group appears to play a big role in pushing skepticism. “

Interception: “The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie.”

Newsweek: “Facebook bans one of the biggest groups in the anti-vaccine movement for breaking QAnon rules.”

The conversation: “Coronavirus, ‘plandemic’ and the seven traits of conspiratorial thinking.”

CNN Inquiry: “The leaders of the anti-vaccine movement used the ‘Stop the Steal’ crusade to advance their own conspiracy theories.”

Reviews of the nature of immunology: “COVID-19 Vaccine Design: The Janus Face of Immune Boost.”

Germs and infection: “Digging the rabbit hole, COVID-19 edition: anti-vaccine themes and speeches around COVID-19.”

MedPage Today: “America’s Primary Care Physicians Continue to Misinform About COVID – Notorious Doctors Group Now Turned to Vaccine Fear Incitement,” “Simone Gold Arrested for Role in Insurgency du Capitole – Doctor faces charges for entering restricted grounds, disorderly conduct. “ House Hearing, 116th Congress, “Coronavirus: Understanding the Spread of Infectious Diseases and Mobilizing Innovative Solutions”.

National Vaccine Information Center.

Facebook: ICAN.

Facebook: Del Bigtree. “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Disaster”.

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