New York MoveOn members approve Brittany Ramos DeBarros for Congress

Members of New York’s 11th Congressional District praised DeBarros commitment to progressive values.

NEW YORK – Today, MoveOn Political Action announces that its members from New York’s 11th Congressional District have voted to approve Brittany Ramos DeBarros for the American house.

Sixty-eight percent of MoveOn’s voting members in the district supported the endorsement of Ramos DeBarros, citing his political and military experience and his progressive agenda.

DeBarros is a combat veteran and progressive organizer who understands how powerful we are when we come together. She steps in early to build a grassroots movement to defeat hardline Republicans, like incumbent Nicole Malliotakis. The DeBarros campaign is investing in community organizing to topple this critical district and elect another progressive leader to Congress in 2022.

Here’s what the members of MoveOn in New York had to say about why they’re supporting Ramos DeBarros:

“Brittany Ramos DeBarros knows how to get things done. We need his experience, his compassion and his diversity in the office. –Silvia V., Staten Island, New York State

“Brittany will bring a new progressive voice to Congress. In 2022, it can overthrow a Republican-held congressional seat and serve as a cohesive vote for progressive policies that will benefit the middle class and marginalized communities. –Ashely O., Staten Island, New York

“It’s time to offer a real alternative to the GOP and to motivate progressive voters on Staten Island. Brittany Ramos DeBarros is the future of the Democratic Party! – Shaun R., Staten Island, New York

“The members of New York MoveOn are ready to have representatives who support them for a gradual change, which Brittany Ramos DeBarros can bring to the 11th district”, said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Political Action. “Voters across the country are rejecting the policies of far-right Trump-aligned candidates like Nicole Malliotakis, and New Yorkers are poised once again to root out Trumpism and elect progressives like Brittany Ramos DeBarros,” who will bring both a new voice and an organizer. and the experience of veterans in Congress.


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