11th Ohio MoveOn Members Endorse Nina Turner For Congress Ahead of Special Election

Over 39,000 MoveOn members live in Ohio’s 11th District. MoveOn, the nation’s largest grassroots and progressive organization, will mobilize its members to support Turner in this upcoming special election.

Here’s what fellow MoveOn members from Ohio’s 11th District had to say about why they’re supporting her:

“Nina Turner has served our community with passion and expertise. She firmly stands up for what she believes in. She will always have my vote. ” –Shawn J., Euclid, OH

“Ms. Turner has proven to be a strong advocate and supporter of policies aimed at improving the quality of life for all residents of this country. We sorely need her energy and clear vision in the United States Congress.” –Brenda S., Cleveland, OH

“We need MORE progressives in Congress, and Nina would be a great addition to The Squad.” –Kelly B., Cleveland, OH

Nina Turner has worked tirelessly in Ohio and across the country to defend these progressive values ​​and lobby our elected leaders to pass progressive legislation. Nina will prioritize creating a national health insurance program that gives everyone in America comprehensive coverage, raising the minimum wage and building a country that works for all of us, not just the rich and well connected.

“We need more leaders like Nina Turner in Congress, and members of Ohio MoveOn agree that her tenacity and dedication to fighting for the working class in Ohio will make her a strong member of Congress.” , said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Political Action. Ms. Turner has worked hard throughout her career in Ohio politics as a champion for fair labor, housing and women’s rights. To serve the people of Ohio as a city councilor and State senator defending progressive values ​​on the national stage, Nina Turner has shown that she is more than ready to sit in Congress and push to create an America that works for everyone.

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